At LiftMaster®, we offer architects more than just industry-leading products. We provide our time, talent, and resources to help you bring your project to life—taking it from rendering to reality.

You want smart, connected solutions for your clients. LiftMaster provides premium, first-class products that are enhanced by myQ® smart technology. This allows you to offer your clients premier hardware that is fully integrated with cutting edge software. 

In addition to products and software, LiftMaster’s services can help make your life as an architect easier. LiftMaster’s Architect Support Team can help you find resources to do your job more efficiently and ease the burden of administrative tasks that you would rather delegate.

Below is a quick summary of software and services that can help add value for your clients and for you. 


myQ Community

myQ Community offers a smarter way to secure and manage a community’s access points. A residential community is a busy place. Every day, residents and guests are moving in and out for daily package deliveries and service repair visits. When your clients incorporate myQ Community, they can manage and control multiple entrances from a single dashboard. This software works seamlessly with LiftMaster’s Smart Video Intercoms such as the CAPXLV Smart Video Intercom – L.

myQ Facility

myQ Facility is a powerful, innovative facility management solution that helps managers keep up with all of the facility’s comings and goings. The software allows facility managers to stay in control of all facility access points to improve efficiencies and reduce expenses. When users connect commercial door operators, gate operators and access controls to myQ Facility, they unlock the power of real-time data, insights and reporting. 


Lunch & Learns

Earn your CEU credits through LiftMaster’s In-Firm Lunch & Learns. Our Architect Lunch & Learn sessions allow you to earn CEUs for your state licensing requirements. Each session lasts one hour, and we’ll report your participation directly to AIA to save you time. 

A typical session includes: 

  • Code requirement information on UL325 and ASTM F2200 (gate operators) standards.
  • A Q+A session in which you can ask specific questions about your project.
  • Conversations regarding projects best suited for your projects. 

Please note that if you are not able to attend one of our live events, you can participate in our online courses to earn your CEUs.

Plan reviews

If you have a site plan or wall section, we can make recommendations about products ideally suited to your application and help you visualize the needs of the space. A plan review helps you to know where to place the operator, which operator is best and how many you need at a given site. 

We help review variables so you know your plan is prepared for every contingency. For example, with gate operators we evaluate the space to help identify potential entrapment zones prior to a site visit. 

Product BIM and CAD files

We can provide BIM and CAD files so that you can drop our operators into your 3D designs. We have a robust library with files that are easy to find. We also keep our files at a reasonable size that is concise and accurate. 

3-part specification writings 

We can save you time and energy by preparing your 3-part specifications for our access technologies.

Support help for Basis of Design specifications

LiftMaster’s Architect Support Team can help you with our “Basis of Design specifications for LiftMaster products.” We’ll identify the specific model numbers for the operators and accessories that are perfect for your application, so you won’t leave product decisions open for interpretation at the job site. This will help you:

  • Utilize all available product features in a LiftMaster product, maximizing the potential of your design. This includes internet connectivity so your client is armed with 21st century solutions. 
  • Control product decisions from concept to installation. Instead of providing limited guidance that permits installers or contractors to choose products as they see fit, LiftMaster can help provide a precise and complete specification that serves as an iron-clad guide for using the appropriate product. This allows your design to fulfill your original vision.
  • Optimize your project’s potential by reducing variables. 

Educational resources

We can help you discover whether there are any elements of your project that could be problematic. 

You want to work efficiently and provide your clients with the best results possible. We can help. Contact LiftMaster’s Architect Support Team today to learn more.