As an architect, it’s important to offer your clients comprehensive, integrated solutions. When it comes to designing a gate entrance, this means specifying a smart operator that can lift heavy doors and a Smart Video Intercom to securely manage traffic flow. These products should communicate with each other—and the user—seamlessly via software. Fortunately, LiftMaster®, powered by myQ® technology, offers a perfect pairing for gates with its CAPXLV Smart Video Intercom – L and line of heavy-duty (HD) gate operators


LiftMaster’s CAPXLV Smart Video Intercom – L, powered by myQ Community, delivers best-in-class video functionality with real time and stored video. It provides simple, secure management of residential community spaces for property and community managers. Adding remote video capabilities to entry systems allows building and community managers to enhance security by providing visual confirmation of access events. 

Designed to save residential community managers time by streamlining management of building and community access points, the CAPXLV’s video capabilities offer even more control, security and reliability to both community managers and residents. With remote video monitoring, community managers can receive notifications and view recorded footage of access events via myQ Community. Residents can also benefit from the CAPXLV’s video feature by using the myQ Community smartphone app to view and verify their guests’ identities before granting them entry to the building or community.   

Here are some examples of how the CAPXLV integrates video to keep residential communities secure while making access management easier for building and community managers: 

  • Access to a live stream of any entrance point through their myQ Community portal, as well as stored 30-second recordings of every access event allowing them to quickly address community safety issues such as use of a suspended code or overuse of an active code. 
  • When used in tandem with the myQ Community app, residents can visually engage with guests, delivery people, and service people who use the CAPXLV, and feel secure about who is being granted access. 
  • Powered by myQ Community, the CAPXLV keeps data protected and safeguards resident information using cloud-based security. 

Ultimately, seeing is believing and CAPXLV’s customized applications help streamline the management of residents, buildings and community access points for your clients. It’s a product that makes sense for architects looking to give their clients the best value.  

Heavy-duty operators

LiftMaster’s HD operators have more than enough muscle to handle heavy gates. Available in versions for both slide gates and swing gates, they are a smart, reliable choice for architects to choose in a variety of applications. 

  • The HDSW24UL heavy-duty swing gate operator moves gates up to 2,800 pounds (4,500 pounds with the optional reinforced HDLGARM long arm) or 22 feet in length at variable speeds from 13-36 seconds for a 90 degree opening. It also reduces wear and tear on gate hardware by using variable speed controls that allow users to set the speed of the gate (independently in dual gate applications) and has slow-start and slow-stop functionality.  
  • The HDSL24UL heavy-duty slide gate operator is the perfect solution for community environments with oversized gates. The HDSL24UL features a direct drive high efficiency powertrain, custom gear box, and brushless motor. 
  • Put through a series of rigorous tests, LiftMaster’s heavy-duty slide gate operator outperforms every competitor in its class moving gates up to 3,000 pounds and 75 feet in length at variable speeds up to 1 foot per second. The HDSL24UL reduces wear and tear on gate hardware by using variable speed controls that allow owners to set the speed of the gate (independently in dual gate applications) and has a slow-start and slow-stop functionality. It is also solar ready with battery backup, ensuring continuous operation even during a power outage. 

Also unique to LiftMaster’s heavy-duty gate operators is integrated myQ technology for total connected access management solutions. Powered by myQLiftMaster’s first-of-its-kind software provides facility and community managers with full insight and control over gate access points, allowing them to monitor access points in real time, measure their performance, and track their current open/close gate status to help increase efficiency, safety, and security.  

For architects looking for a total gate solution, LiftMaster’s CAPXLV and HD operators can offer the full package to provide an innovative, connected solution for your clients. Want more help? Contact LiftMaster’s Architect Support Team today.