As an architect, you have a vision to bring life. You design plans with specific aesthetic and functional goals. So, it’s important to verify that the products used in your building design are the ones you specified. Most of all, you want to eliminate variables that will negatively impact your project. The last thing you want is to leave your design to chance; letting installers or contractors choose products you didn’t intend when creating your concept. 

Fortunately, LiftMaster’s Architect Support Team can help you with our “Basis of Design specifications for LiftMaster products.” We’ll identify the specific model numbers for the operators and accessories that are perfect for your application, so you won’t leave product decisions open for interpretation at the job site. This will help you:

  • Utilize all available product features in a LiftMaster product, maximizing the potential of your design. This includes internet connectivity so your client is armed with 21st century solutions. 
  • Control product decisions from concept to installation. Instead of providing limited guidance that permits installers or contractors to choose products as they see fit, LiftMaster can help provide a precise and complete specification that serves as an iron-clad guide for using the appropriate product. This allows your design to fulfill your original vision.
  • Optimize your project’s potential by reducing variables. 

LiftMaster can assist you in achieving your goals by specifying the right product for your project from the onset. Then, we’ll help you provide a precise specification document so you’re in control and nothing is left to chance. 

Below is an example of a general specification that was provided by an architect.

General: Electric door operator assembly of size and capacity recommended and provided by door manufacturer for door and “operation cycles” requirement specified, with electric motor and factory-pre-wired motor controls, starter, gear-reduction unit, solenoid-operated brake, clutch, control stations, control devices, integral gearing for locking door, and accessories required for proper operation.

As you can see, this specification merely outlines the parameters, deferring the decision to a builder, installer, manufacturer or contractor who will work on the project. If you leave this choice up to someone else, you lose control—and your client loses out—on LiftMaster product features.

Here are a few examples:

myQ® Facility

  • Many LiftMaster commercial products feature internet connectivity, which enables software platforms such as myQ Facility. This allows  your clients to keep up with all of the comings and goings at their facility so they can monitor and control all access points in real time from a single dashboard. 
  • When  your clients connect commercial door operators, gate operators and access controls to myQ Facility, they can unlock the power of real-time data, insights and reporting. 
  • Using analytics from the myQ Facility dashboard,  your clients can understand the efficiency of a dock’s loading and unloading times—and how to make improvements. 

myQ® Community

  • When designing a residential project, myQ Community provides clients with smart community access that is connected, reliable and secure. These integrated community access solutions help your clients to remotely manage and control multiple access points across all communities in their portfolio from a single dashboard. 
  • Smart Video Intercoms, such as CAPXLV, allow community managers to watch streaming video and recorded access events to get visual confirmation for enhanced security and clear traceability around property damage, vandalism and other nuisances.
  • Residents can also receive visual guest confirmation and access control so they can verify who is at an access point, from anywhere. 

All of this and more is possible with LiftMaster products, powered by myQ. 

You have a vision for your project, and we can help bring it to life. Contact the LiftMaster Architect Support Team for help in creating specifications that optimize your job. 

For more resources, visit LiftMaster’s Architect Resources page.