LiftMaster® is making it easier to motorize low headroom rolling steel doors and grilles with its new Front of Hood Mount Commercial Door Operator. Its unique split system design brings programming capabilities and control down to the floor level, simplifying installation and setup. It’s the perfect choice for architects who want to save money for their clients on service calls and provide a simplified solution.

The operator can be installed on existing doors or newly installed doors within manufacturing, warehousing, retail and parking applications for a complete UL compliant system. Additionally, its variable frequency drive technology provides various commercial spaces with speed settings that can be adjusted up to 12” per second to easily accommodate your clients’ needs. The powerful operator also includes smooth start/stop technology for minimized wear and tear on the door – reducing repair and maintenance costs and increasing operational productivity.  

“Our new Front of Hood Commercial Door Operator meets the needs of any commercial facility by supporting varying speeds and retrofit applications,” said Erich Struckmeyer, Vice President and General Manager, Commercial, LiftMaster. “LiftMaster is committed to developing products that ensure unrivaled performance and efficiency. The addition of the Front of Hood Operator to our commercial operator solutions enables reduced installation time and ease of control for users, and is compatible with LiftMaster’s entrapment protection devices and security products to ensure the highest standards of safety.” 

Save money for your clients 

For architects, the Front of Hood Commercial Door Operator (VFOH) is a cost-effective solution for clients. With floor level control, the owner can alert the Technician of diagnostic codes so the Technician comes prepared and knows what service is required. Plus, the low headroom operator is easy to access so Technicians won’t have to try to fix a problem on a standard operator that is installed in a tight space. Consequently, these advantages may reduce the Technician’s hourly charge, bringing the owner’s total costs down. 

Additionally, the VFOH can make the installation of a commercial door operator easier than a standard operator for a retrofit application. This could address any concerns that an owner may have if it is a tight space or faces obstructions and structural challenges. The diagnostic capabilities make it easier to troubleshoot the problem, determine the root cause, and fix it. This, once again, saves time. 

A connected, 21st century solution

More advanced than other Front of Hood Operators on the market today, the LiftMaster Front of Hood Operatorfeatures myQ® Facility connectivity for cloud-based access management control and monitoring. LiftMaster’s first-of-its kind software provides facility managers with full insight and control, by allowing them to easily access real-time data, support preventative maintenance needs and track the current access point status, thereby increasing the safety and security of their facility. By always knowing the real-time status of the door, your clients can make decisions that enhance efficiency, safety and profitability. 

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