LiftMaster is excited to annoucne the winner of the 2016 LiftMaster Garage Band contest, Hillbilly Vegas! 

How long has Hillbilly Vegas been together as a band?

We started the band in 2009 with the goal of just making it fun. We think being the LiftMaster Garage Band and playing Charlotte Motor Speedway with Lee Brice is pretty dang fun, so that goal has been accomplished, and then some.
How will winning the LiftMaster Garage Band contest make an impact in Hillbilly Vegas?

In the music business, getting someone to listen is tough, and to catch a break is even harder.

We think we can safely speak for every artist that participated in this contest and say thank you to LiftMaster for giving all of us this incredible opportunity to be heard in such a big way. We didn’t have a single on the radio when we entered this contest. We had the video and a dream of getting our song out there. LiftMaster got the ball rolling for us, and honestly, making the top 16 is probably why we have a single on the radio today.

Our single entered the national charts right around the time we made the final 4, and we don’t think that is a coincidence. So as you can see the LiftMaster Garage Band contest has already impacted our career. Hopefully we can keep it going and we would love for this to be the first of many of these type of events.


What are you most looking forward to with this title?

First and foremost, just being a part of such a huge event is so exciting. Since LiftMaster made it official, we have been hearing from race fans all over the country whom say they voted for us

every day. It’s so overwhelming and humbling to hear that so many good people took the time to listen and vote. For us, we feel being able to perform at a NASCAR event like this is going to be as exciting as Christmas morning. We’d have to say we’re looking forward to meeting and saying thank you to as many of those good people who gave us this title as possible.


Do you have any connections to NASCAR drivers or teams?

YES! Racing is a huge part of Hillbilly Vegas. We play racing events all over the country thanks to Dennis and Bonnie Schoenfeld of Schoenfeld Headers and Dennis Schoenfeld Racing. They heard us and made it their mission a couple of years ago to expose the band to as many race fans as possible.

This season Hillbilly Vegas is proudly displayed on the hoods of five dirt track and late models, so being a part of a NASCAR event is a dream come true. We feel we owe race fans for just about every good thing that’s happened to us in the last couple of years.


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