LiftMaster is proud to sponsor the 2016 HGTV Smart Home in Raleigh, NC.

The HGTV Smart Home is filled with technological features that will enable the homeowner to control the home at the touch of a button from a smart phone or tablet.


The front door unlocks for the homeowner automatically or with a digital key. The homeowner can turn out the lights and lock the door after they have left.

In the garage, the LiftMaster Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener Model 8550W with battery backup will be featured and can be controlled by the MyQ technology. The open and close on-demand and connected garage door is the gateway to the Smart Home. In the back yard, the LiftMaster space-saving Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Model 8500 opens and closes the lawn equipment garage.

The smart garage door openers give the ability to open and close the garage from anywhere with the MyQ App. lifestyle expert, Carley Knobloch, regularly featured on the Today Show and CNN, and Tiffany Brooks, season eight winner of HGTV Star, are the team that lead in the design behind the Smart Home.

More features include…

In the kitchen,

  • · Motion sensor faucets were installed at the sinks.
  • · Charging stations are hidden in drawers so smart devices such as phones and tablets can be juiced up.


In the master bath,

  • · A TV is hidden behind the vanity mirror. Turned on, it appears in the glass to be viewed from the bath, shower or sinks


In the second floor nursery,

  • · Monitor for the crib is accessed through an app so you can keep an eye on the baby
  • · Smart humidifier and nightlight help regulate the air and illumination


There are wireless access points on every floor, and the router is in the basement so the access points extend the range of connectivity for streaming media, surfing the web and for all internet connections.

The HGTV Smart Home 2016 connects the homeowner to their wants, their needs and their peace of mind.

Learn more about LiftMaster’s smart garage door openers.