When you think of the word “smart,” what do you think of?

Perhaps you think of people like Bill Gates, Albert Einstein or Sheryl Sandberg, or maybe you think about schools like Harvard, Stanford or MIT. You might think of your phone or your car with all the on-demand features and capabilities.

How many of you…before reading the title of this article…would have thought of your home?

According to a survey of U.S. adults conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate, 28 percent own at least one smart home product, and almost half of Millennials are adopting home automation technology.

Of those surveyed, 81 percent said they would be more likely to buy a home if smart technology, such as connected lighting, thermostats, remote-access security and smart locks, was already installed. For homeowners who currently don’t own smart home products, this provides an opportunity to make the move and adopt the technology.

Of course this trend will only grow as Millennials begin to represent a larger share of homeownership.

So how do you know how smart your home is, and how do you know how smart it can be?

Answer: Your home can be as smart as you want it to be. With the amount of time and investment you spend on your home, you should (and can) feel as connected to it as you do your phone or car.

To understand how smart your home currently is, read through the following and identify with the group that you relate to the most.

In my home, I…

…have Wi-Fi and charging stations throughout the house for my phone and tablet.

…AND I have a security camera throughout the home and can view it from my phone or tablet, can set my home security system even if I am not there and can adjust lighting from my mobile device.

…AND I receive alerts when I leave my garage door open from my phone, can access my garage door opener even when the power is out, can view my home in different areas from home and away and have a thermostat that automatically adapts to the change of seasons and my behavior to best save energy.


If you could relate to one or two of the statements above, your house has some great potential to be on the cutting edge of smart.

If you related to all three, then pat yourself on the back because your house sets the curve for the rest. Your house IS super smart. You are connected to the latest technology and are always looking for new ways to be connected to your home.

What are your favorite smart home technologies in your house? What smart device upgrades are you making in the coming year? Comment below and share on social!