With summer comes the best of the best from people in taking care of their homes. Lawns are mowed weekly, flowers are planted, mulch is laid down, gardens are aligned and patio furniture is ready to welcome friends and family for upcoming cookouts and holidays.

Summer is known as the time to kick back and relax, but it’s also the time that you use to prepare your spaces to work for you. When your garage is organized, you can find your gardening tools, beach supplies, bikes and hoses with ease.

It’s the season of organizing! Here are our best tips for organizing your garage this summer.

Pick a beautiful day to get started

Take a look at the weather forecast for an upcoming weekend. Sunny and 80 degrees? Perfect! Turn on your favorite music and start the day strong.

The best time to get started is early in the morning. You’ll get a majority of your work done before the heat or humidity set in, and you’ll buy time for later in the day for finalizing projects and relaxing with a cold beverage.

Move everything out and sweep

Grab the trash cans, lawn mower, bikes, bags of mulch from last summer and everything else you have on the floor and move it out of the garage. (Oh, and your car, too.) Once everything is out, give your garage floor a clean sweep. Have a power washer? Power wash for a crisp wash and clean floor.

Use baskets and bins for storage

Bring everything back in the garage that needs to be there. Sort through items and determine if they are winter things and if they are still in good shape to keep or recycle. Mark all bins with what’s inside them so you can easily find them later. i.e. Christmas lights and decorations

Keep summer items in baskets or bins where they are easily accessible.

Place like items together:

1. Gloves, whiffle balls and bats, volleyball net, and other summer sporting equipment,
2. Sunscreen, swimsuits and beach bags,
3. Garden gloves, spades, hand pruners, etc.


Designate an activity space

Choose an area where you can focus on your favorite summer hobbies; gardening, landscape, painting, building, etc. You’ll want a clean workbench with shelves or cabinets all within reach to keep things organized where you need them.

Pick up a shoe rack

After you mow the lawn or work in the garden, the last thing you want to do is track mud or grass blades inside the house. Pick up a shoe rack and place right outside your door into the house where you can keep your summer working shoes where they belong outside.

Great job! Now that you’re ready to organize your garage for the summer, you can spend your time doing what summer was meant to do. Sit back, relax and spend times outside with the ones you love.

Do you have any more tips for organizing your garage for the summer? Comment below with your tips and share on social!