Did you know that 3 out of 4 existing automated gate systems lack the latest safety features and should be replaced or brought up to current standards?

All compliant gate systems must have two independent safety entrapment protection devices installed at each entrapment zone that will stop the operator from working if they’re not functioning properly.

Did you know manufacturers of gate operators and related entrapment protection devices work closely with Underwriters Laboratories and the Consumer Product Safety Commission to improve standards for entrapment protection?

Effective January 2016, new standards were put into place, and we are ensuring that our LiftMaster Dealers are trained and certified on these new standards.

Watching this video which will show you how to perform a UL 325 & ASTM F2200 gate safety inspection using the Site Planning & Safety Checklist.

For dealers interested in attending new Gate Safety seminars, go to LiftMasterTraining.com or reach out to SafetyAmbassadors@LiftMaster.com

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