Is it time to buy a new garage door opener? If your garage door opener is old and noisy, today’s new models offer conveniences and capabilities that you probably don’t know about. Here are 5 reasons why buying a new garage door opener to replace your loud, outdated opener makes sense.

1. They’re quieter

If your old garage door opener sounds like an airplane taking off, you’ll be amazed at just how quiet a new opener can be. And while any new opener is going to be quieter than the one it replaces, belt drive openers with DC motors are especially silent and operate with a quiet hum that won’t wake up family members in adjacent living spaces.

2. They’re smarter

Didn’t think a garage door opener was actually smart technology? Think again! Today’s models equipped with Wi-Fi® let you control them with a smartphone app and get notifications when you’ve left them open. And they work in concert with many of today’s smart home platforms. Some models also allow you to program them to close the garage door automatically after being open for a period of time to prevent theft or unwanted entry. Buying a new garage door opener is the smart choice.

3. They’re brighter

If your garage could use better lighting – and whose can’t – buy a new garage door opener with built-in LED lighting which illuminates the whole garage brightly and evenly, from corner to corner. It’s perfect for people who work in their garage or just want a more well-lit space!

4. They’re safer

If your garage door opener is really old – that is, manufactured before 1993 – you probably don’t have the latest safety features.  Photo eyes, or safety reversing sensors, are mandatory in all new garage door openers sold in the U.S., and they prevent injury by reversing the door’s downward travel when something or someone breaks the invisible beam. If you don’t have photo eyes, you simply don’t have the safest garage door opener available. Also, keep your family safe by checking out models with an automatic deadbolt lock for extra security against intruders.    

5. They free up ceiling space

While most openers traditionally hang from the ceiling, some are mounted beside the garage door. Why? Wall-mount openers free up ceiling space for extra storage or a cleaner-looking garage interior. Plus, they’re just plain cool! And, because they’re not mounted to the ceiling, people in living spaces above the garage won’t feel the vibration of an operating garage door opener.