There are two things we all desire: control and convenience. With myQ smart home technology, you can control your garage door, home lighting and more from anywhere. That’s convenient.

Designed to make your garage smarter, myQ technology enables smartphone control for most garage door opener brands made after 1993. It is integrated into all newer LiftMaster brand garage door openers, including the popular WLED, 8550W and 8500W units.

The myQ App provides complete control over the home’s most important and largest access point – the garage. But it offers more than the ability to simply open and close a garage door. Below are five ways homeowners can benefit from myQ’s on-the-go management of daily activities.

  1. Never wonder if the garage door is open. With the myQ App, you’ll always know whether or not you or a family member has left the garage door open. You can check the status of your garage door, plus open and close the garage door from your smartphone — no matter where you are.
  2. Get real-time alerts when your garage door opens and closes. This allows you to keep track of daily comings and goings, such as when your kids arrive home.
  3. Set daily schedules for the garage door to close and lights to turn off. Available with most myQ-connected products, the scheduling feature gives you options. For example, you can schedule your garage door to close at a specific time in the evening so you can rest peacefully once you turn the lights out. Also, with myQ light control, you can preset days and times for the lights to turn on or off. This is an easy way to keep your home secure, especially when you’re away on a trip.
  4. Share your myQ access with up to three additional people—without sharing your password. With myQ Guest, you can securely and conveniently invite people to your inner circle so they can control and check the status of your myQ-connected garage doors, gates and lights from anywhere.
  5. Customize how your myQ-connected garage door opener and lights interact with your favorite smart devices and home automation platforms. Get enhanced features such as voice control, location-based closing or being able to control myQ via a partner app. myQ has teamed up with some of the biggest names in connected technology including Honeywell, Nest, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and IFTTT among many others for convenient smart home integration.

Want to learn more about about how myQ makes life easier? Visit, Don’t have a garage door opener with Wi-Fi connectivity? You can get a myQ Smart Garage Hub to help connect your opener to the internet. Find a dealer to help you install it.