Millions of snowbirds of the non-feathered variety head south each year in search of warmer weather. While escaping from the cold to bask in the sun sounds stress free, most extended travelers worry about leaving their homes. However, smart home technology like LiftMaster® myQ®-connected Garage Door Openers provide innovative technology that can help snowbirds keep a closer eye on their homes — from anywhere in the world.

Here are seven ways snowbirds can protect their homes while on vacation, with the help of a LiftMaster myQ®-connected Garage Door Opener.

  1. Never wonder if the garage door is open. With so much to remember on the way out the door, it’s not uncommon for people to drive away wondering if they remembered to close the garage door. Snowbirds can eliminate that sinking feeling thanks to myQ. A LiftMaster myQ-connected Garage Door Opener allows travelers with a smartphone and the myQ app to check the status of their garage door and open or close the it from anywhere.
  • Easily share access. It’s typical for vacationing snowbirds to have someone checking on their homes while they are gone. The myQ Guest feature makes it easy to give garage access to up to three additional people—without sharing a password.
  • Set alerts for peace of mind. Knowing the garage, the home’s largest access point, is secure allows vacationing snowbirds to enjoy their break worry-free. The myQ app lets homeowners set alerts to know that someone is checking in on their home regularly and the garage isn’t left open by mistake.
  • See for yourself. For those who want the added peace of mind of actually seeing what’s happening back home, the myQ app can help when you link it to a Tend video camera. Snowbirds who have a Tend video camera inside or outside of their home can capture events and watch them on their smartphone from anywhere for an added layer of protection while on vacation.
  • More than just access control. Homeowners can easily add myQ accessories like Remote Light Control (825LM) that provides smart lighting for the home. Through the myQ app, vacationing snowbirds can schedule lights to turn on and off, giving the appearance someone is home even though they are dining out alfresco hundreds of miles away.
  • Get ready for worry-free package delivery. myQ technology will soon give Amazon Prime members the option for in-garage delivery through Key for Garage. No more worrying about porch pirates or bad weather – snowbirds on vacation who need to ship packages to their homes can rest assured they will be safe and secure in their garage until they return.
  • Added bonus. LiftMaster’s Automatic Garage Door Lock, available with select openers, adds an extra level of protection to help safeguard the home from intruders. Plus, snowbirds who own their winter home might be interested to know that when used as a mandatory two-point garage door locking system, the Automatic Garage Door Lock has been approved to meet hurricane-ready requirements throughout the U.S. (except in Miami-Dade County, Florida).

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