Throughout the year, we are welcoming celebrity bloggers to talk to you about stories in their lives and in their home. Today we are excited to welcome HGTV Smart Home 2016 technology consultant and host Carley Knobloch.

Hi I’m Carley Knobloch. I’m the technology consultant for the HGTV Smart Home 2016, and I’m here with three technology tips that will make your garage a lot smarter.

Tip #1

When I think of garages I think of storage because I have so much stuff stored in my garage, and it’s all up really high shelves and bins. I want to make sure I remember what’s in them so it’s easy to find things. So, I always take a digital photo of everything I pack in a bin so that it’s easy for me to see without having to start unpacking things exactly where to find what.

Tip #2

A smart garage door opener. This is an incredible feature of the garage because it allows you to see who’s coming and going. You get text alerts on your phone if your garage door’s been opened and have a remote control so you can open and close it from wherever you are. It’s a lifesaver.

Tip #3

And lastly, a backup battery in your garage because there’s nothing worse than the power going out and then not being able to get in to your garage because the power went out! So having a backup battery gives you enough power to open up your garage door and get inside until the power comes back on.

Those are my three tips, and for more, go to

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