If you’ve browsed LiftMaster.com lately, you may have noticed something: the website is new. Several weeks ago, we revamped our site to create a simple, effortless user experience. Now you can find everything you need — faster than ever before.

Here is a summary of the improvements we have made to enhance and simplify your experience.

Fully optimized for mobile devices

The website is optimized to improve viewing on the devices you use most, such as smartphones and tablets. Today, many of us spend more time on our phones than we do on our computers. LiftMaster.com is fully mobile optimized, from navigation to page view to provide the best experience possible, no matter which device you are using.

Easy-to-use, streamlined checkout process

Any website should make it easy for you to purchase whatever you want. Jump on our site, find the product you are looking for, and purchase it quickly — without many clicks. We know you want to get in and get out, and our updated store should help you accomplish that goal.

Better navigation so you can find and research products

Before you make a purchase, it’s important to learn about a product. We’ve made it easier than ever to research LiftMaster products so you can be certain that you’re finding the right fit for your needs. This includes seeing related products to the one you’re currently viewing.

Find trusted dealers easily

We also connect you with dealers — without a million steps. Find your product then find a reputable dealer near you who can install it.

Engaging redesign

You’ve come to expect websites that are simple, attractive and engaging. The new LiftMaster.com is all of those things.

Improved onsite search

In the era of Google, we all expect to find exactly what we’re looking for — immediately. LiftMaster.com has improved its search functionality to help you sift through information faster and find precisely what you need.

Pricing specific to the United States and Canada

Whether you are located in the United States or Canada, our site adapts to your location. You will see the product listed in the currency of home country to make the buying experience as seamless and quick as possible.