Did you know that you have a new front door that is more than twice the size of your current one?

No, your wife didn’t make a new purchase for your Father’s Day. Or did she?

Fact is, with the amount of time people spend outdoors in the summer time, your garage door has naturally become the new front door to your house. According to a Gallup study, the majority of Americans prefer to spend their summer evenings outdoors, sitting on their patio, deck or porch and barbecuing.

Your garage is the entry way from your inside living space to your outside living space. Here are our favorite and most common ways to use the garage as your summer’s favorite front door:

Hosting barbecues

Whether you are hosting a barbecue with your family and friends, or are grilling out on the weeknights with your family at home, the smells of a barbecue pair nicely with the smells of summer. Opening up your garage door to your friends as the entrance to your home truly is the way to say, “Welcome to our summer home. Grab a drink, have fun and let’s eat!”

Watching fireworks

There’s nothing like the Fourth of July. What we love most is when the entire neighborhood opens up their garages, pulls out all the folding chairs and sits on the the driveway awaiting for the night’s showcase of the town’s firework show.
Doing yard work


There’s something about doing yard work that takes away the weight of the word, “work.” You open up your garage, use the tools inside it, from the lawn mower to garden gloves to the garden spade, and use these tools to freshen up your lawn, your landscape and your garden.

While the work is lengthy and can be hot under the summer sun, when the days are done and you can step back and admire the work you’ve put in, you know it was all worth it.
Hosting a garage sale

Hosting a garage sale may be the most obvious way you turn your garage door into your front door during summer. You are literally welcoming your community into your home to browse through your soon-to-be-gone home décor, clothing and more.
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In what other ways is your garage your summer’s front door? Comment below and share on social!

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