Have you ever walked into your garage, looked around and thought, “How did I get so much junk in here?”

We know all about the garage and how it can quickly get filled with everyday life items. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ways to take back your garage and use it for more than storage.

1. Create a pegboard wall to hang smaller tools. Place smaller items on it tLiftMaster Garage Organization Peg Boardo open up floor and shelf space, and prevent tools from being hidden where you can’t find them.

2. Install hooks on garage walls  to hang bigger tools like a weed eater, brooms or a shovel.

3. Create a wall storage system. Whether that’s adding storage bins or adding shelves, moving items to a wall of the garage can really clear up that prized floor space.

4. Now that you’ve cleared enough space for your car, don’t let it get damaged! Put in a parking assist. While you could use the old gross hanging tennis ball, there is a better way. The LiftMaster Laser Parking Assist Accessory helps you park perfectly every time. WATCH and see!

5. Install overhead storage. If you have higher garage ceilings, installing overhead storage can really help clear out the clutter.

6. Save up shelf space by switching out your fluorescent light bulbs for LED lights.  This will keep you from changing the bulbs all the time, and it is more energy efficient in the long run.
LiftMaster Garage Light Bulbs
7. Turn your garage into a man cave! Who says the garage is only for storage? We say the garage can be a prime place for wings, beer and a big television.

8. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, turn your garage into a gym! Add a bench, some free weights or a workout ball and you’re good to go!

9. Insulate your garage walls. Don’t just enjoy your garage space in the warmer months. By insulating your garage you won’t dread walking out there in the colder months.

10. Control your garage door from your smartphone. By getting a MyQ enabled garage door opener, you can be assured and in control on-demand wherever you are. Do you need to let someone in your home when you’re not there? Did you hurry out the door and forget to shut the garage door? With MyQ, you can avoid all the, “oh no,” moments with this convenient touch of a button technology.

Don’t have a LiftMaster garage door opener? No problem! Retro-fit your old garage and teach your old dog new tricks by connecting MyQ to your garage opener.

BONUS! Add a Battery Backup system to your LiftMaster Opener to make sure you can still get in even if the power is out.

Have garage upgrade tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments section!

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