This Father’s Day, think outside the box.

What garage gadget is dad wanting this year, whether he has said so or not? Here is a list of the top garage gadgets for dad on Father’s Day.

Bluetooth Speakers
Help set the tone for your dad, making his outdoor workspace well equipped and fun. Bluetooth speakers for the garage make it easy for him to listen to his favorite tunes without the fuss of wiring the speakers and losing the ability for mobility.

A Drone
For the dad who works around the house: on the roof, on the landscape, in the gutters or on the chimney, he is the one who needs a drone with a camera to safely explore the hard-to-reach and too-high-to-see places around the house. (And he might have other ways to have fun with it as well.)

Wireless Phone Charger
For as much time as dad will be enjoying outside and in the garage, getting him a wireless phone charger is a great gift idea. With a wireless phone charger, he won’t need to worry about finding or reaching an open outlet!

Emergency Roadside Kit
For when dad is driving to work or heading out with the family on a road trip, it is important to be prepared for any issues that may occur. An emergency roadside kit is a great gift to give you and your dad peace of mind while being ready for unexpected situations.


Cordless Power Tools
Upgrade your dad’s power tools and rid him of what he doesn’t need: the power cord. Free him of the leash and let him go cordless with the following summer power tools:
·      Hedge trimmers
·      Weed whackers
·      Leaf blower
·      Drills

Freshen Up Your Garage for the Summer with these Tool Upgrades

Barbecue Grill Light and Fan
Give dad the advantage to cook perfectly grilled steaks, ribs and burgers, day or night, with a grill light and fan that clamps easily on the hood of the grill.

Wireless TV Speaker
A rechargeable wireless TV speaker lets dad enjoy the television sound from anywhere, including the garage! Simply connect the base to your TV and place the cordless speaker where dad spends his time so he never misses the action.

MyQ Garage
MyQ Accessories let dad take full advantage of his MyQ-Enabled Garage Door. By tapping into the power of the Internet Gateway, dad can monitor and control the garage door and lighting from his smartphone, tablet or computer.

Check out accessories for LiftMaster MyQ garage door opener.

Mini Universal Remote Control
When getting in and out of the house, the last thing dad wants to do is fumble with keys and the lock. The Mini Universal Remote Control will allow easy access with just the click of a button when dad is on the go in and out of the garage.

What suggestions do have to get dad this Father’s Day? Comment below and share on social!

Happy Father’s Day!