It’s essential to consider user experience when designing a residential community. LiftMaster® products, teamed with myQ® technology, allow property managers to control multiple access points across all communities in a portfolio—all from a single dashboard. The myQ Community app also gives residents the ability to conveniently manage property access—from large outdoor entrances to laundry rooms—from their smartphones. This provides residents with the safe, modern living experience they desire. More importantly, it delivers an upscale amenity experience that will make your clients happy and improve your reputation within the industry. 

LiftMaster’s Smart Video Intercoms and Smart Access Controllers offer integrated hardware/software solutions for entrances large and small. They are smart choices that can greatly improve your project. 

Smart Video Intercoms

LiftMaster’s Smart Video Intercoms, powered by myQ Community, deliver best-in-class video functionality with real time and stored video. Smart Video Intercoms provide simple, secure management of residential community spaces for property and community managers. Adding remote video capabilities to entry systems allows building and community managers to enhance security by providing visual confirmation of access events. (CAPXLV controls up to four entrances and is designed for larger communities, while CAPXM controls up to two entrances and is designed for medium-sized communities.)

Designed to save residential community managers time by streamlining management of building and community access points, Smart Video Intercoms offer even more control, security and reliability to both community managers and residents. With remote video monitoring, community managers can receive notifications and view recorded footage of access events via myQ Community. Residents can also benefit from the intercoms’ video features by using the smartphone app to view and verify their guests’ identities before granting them entry to the building or community.   

Smart Video Intercoms can leverage video to keep residential communities secure while making access management easier for building and community managers. Here’s how:

  • Access to a live stream of any entrance point through their myQ Community portal, as well as stored recordings of every access event allowing them to quickly address community safety issues such as use of a suspended code or overuse of an active code. 
  • When used in tandem with the myQ Community app, residents can visually engage with guests, delivery people, and service people who use LiftMaster Smart Video Intercoms, and feel secure about who is being granted access. This includes features such as “press to unlock” and guest passes for specific visitors.
  • Powered by myQ Community, the Smart Video Intercoms keep data protected and safeguards resident information using cloud-based security. 

Ultimately, seeing is believing and CAPXLV and CAPXM help streamline the management of residents, buildings and community access points for your clients. That’s why Smart Video Intercoms make sense for architects looking to give their clients the best value.  


Most community shared access rooms also need secure, smart access management. Property managers want to be able to know what’s happening at these entrances, while residents desire the same seamless experience they get with LiftMaster Smart Video Intercoms. That’s where CAP2D comes in.

CAP2D is a cloud-based credentialed 2-door controller that makes sense for access points that don’t need video functionality, but still allow property managers to monitor who is coming and in out of those entrances. It features the same functionality as the Smart Video Intercom Door Board, yet at a lower cost, making it the perfect solution for pool rooms, laundry rooms and remote community rooms. 

In addition to main entrances, architects should view property access needs holistically to provide integrated solutions, like CAPXLV, CAPXM, CAP2D and CAPAC.

Serving as the “brains behind a card reader,” CAP2D works seamlessly with myQ Community cloud-based software. Yet, if there is an internet or cloud service outage, CAP2D can also store up to 25,000 credentials locally, offering a seamless experience for residents. (CAPXLV, for example, also has local storage—up to 50,000 credentials—so residents can continue to get in and out of the community during an outage.)

Diverse access needs met with specific solutions

It’s essential for architects consider the holistic access needs of a residential community when developing specific solutions. LiftMaster can help you add value to your client’s request and strengthen your professional reputation. We have specific access solutions tailored for each situation. 

Interested in learning more? Contact LiftMaster’s Architect Support Team today to find out how we can help.