As an architect who excels at the profession, you realize the importance of envisioning your plans holistically before beginning a project. This is especially pertinent when it comes to designing residential communities and modern commercial facilities. Today, more than ever software is changing the game. Community residents expect to open gates and doors through a smartphone app, while property managers want greater visibility into what’s happening across their management portfolios. Facility managers at commercial warehouses want to view and control dock door activity from a dashboard on their computer. The world has changed, and prescient architects want to make sure they stay ahead of the latest trends. But, how? 

It comes down to this: if you know how related products can interact with each other—including seamless software/hardware integrations—you can create an exceptional design for your clients. A more useful design featuring smart product integrations will make the end user and your client happier—while boosting your professional reputation and helping you generate more business.   

Begin with the end in mind

For some architects, product choices are an afterthought; merely “in-the-weeds” details to be delegated to a contractor. Yet, this line of thought can cost you opportunities to deliver upscale amenities that can be a big differentiator for your client. 

Take the example of residential community design. Property managers today want visibility into what is happening in their communities and control over access points while community residents desire to be able to use their smartphones to control their own guest management experience. LiftMaster Access Control Systems offer a suite of products connected to myQ® technology to provide customizable applications that help streamline the management of buildings, residents and community access points. LiftMaster’s Smart Video IntercomsSmart Access Controllers and gate operators work together, synced with software, to deliver next-level integrated solutions. Community managers can enhance security and reduce liability with myQ Community—viewing all of the entrances from communities in their portfolio from a single dashboard. Plus, with app licenses the residents can use the app to visually verify guests and unlock authorized entrances. These features are significant value-adds that make clients more likely to hire you or recommend you for projects in the future. 

Facility managers in a commercial warehouse, for example, can also find tremendous value in integrated software/hardware solutions. Consequently, myQ Facility is a powerful, innovative facility management solution that helps managers keep up with all of the facility’s comings and goings. The software allows facility managers to stay in control of all facility access points to improve efficiencies and reduce expenses. When users connect LiftMaster’s commercial door operators, dock levelers, gate operators and access controls to myQ Facility, they unlock the power of real-time data, insights and reporting. All products are engineered to work as a seamless system, with one database. 

These are only a few examples. When it comes to planning ahead, LiftMaster can help you, the architect, identify which access products work together, and how they can add value to your client’s request. We even offer resources to aid you in developing your plan and specifications. 

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