Controlling and securing access around
 a property with a fence and gate are 
very common among both residential and commercial applications. On many of these properties, the methods for operating the 
gate may be limited because access to power is not readily available. Also, adding electric to power an automated gate operator could 
be very costly and inconvenient. Fortunately, LiftMaster offers systems that can meet those challenges – solar gate operator solutions.


Deana has worked for a door and operator dealership in the Midwest for 15 years. Nonetheless, it’s only in the last 18 months that she has started selling gate operators, and she quickly found that solar gate operators offer her an easy, affordable solution for property owners that may not have previously thought there was a way to automate their gates. Plus, with the extension of the 30% federal tax credit on solar gate operators and installation through 2021, Deana’s finding these solar installations give her the ability to provide her customers with a proven solution at great savings.


In the countryside of Kansas, a new construction homeowner was interested in automating the bi-parting gate at the end of his driveway. However, that gate was located about a quarter mile away from the residence, making the distance to run the power line daunting and expensive.

Similarly, a recreational facility on a lake, also located in Kansas, was faced with the same struggle – in order to control vehicular access to the parking area around their private boat dock, they’d have to invest $8,000-$10,000 just to run the electricity to the gate operator.

A third customer, a wastewater treatment facility, was interested in automating their existing manually operated gate. Although, to make this happen, the facility would have to invest in trenching the concrete driveway to connect the gate operator to a power supply.

After meeting with the owners of each site, Deana found that although there were unique challenges specific to each location, her recommendation for each was the same. A LiftMaster® Solar Solution that not only addressed their specific gate and power challenges, but could also save them money on the initial install and electricity costs.




The LiftMaster Solar Solution not only allows properties to draw power organically, but it saves the expense and disruption caused by trenching through existing driveways and landscaping. Additionally, every property owner that invests in a solar gate operator not only sees savings on their energy bills over time, but also are eligible to receive a 30% tax credit on the gate operator and installation.

There is a common misconception that solar gate operators are designed for dry, arid, sunny regions of the country. That is not the case with LiftMaster Solar Systems. Even during a rough Midwestern winter, where there can be less than 8 hours of sunlight a day, these ultra-efficient power systems do what they do best – control the automated gate operator. Visit to find a complete listing of solar cycles per day by region in the US and Canada in the Gate Cycles per Day Reference Guide.

The solar panel size and wattage are very important to the functionality of a good solar system. LiftMaster dealer/installer will identify when and where systems should include additional solar panels due
to obstructions or limited sunlight, or alternative battery solutions to account for extreme cold conditions or high-traffic gates with increased cycles. The image below shows the solutions Deana had.

LiftMaster’s best-in-class solar power management system continually assures the end-user that power is delivered to the operator and any system accessories. This system is also built to minimize consumption as the operator and accessories only draw power when needed for operation. This reliable integrated system keeps gate operation simple and safe.

Looking to automate your gate but access to power is limited? Consider solar as the solution and contact one of our dealers to help you get started!