Home automation and security are among the hottest topics being covered in the media today.

LiftMaster is proud to partner with Nest, a technology company that prides itself on creating innovative solutions to automate your home, make it safer and more energy efficient.

The partnership with Nest makes total sense as LiftMaster’s experts work hard to make garage automation and security more top-of-mind for consumers. The LiftMaster MyQ technology gives you access to your home, allowing you to monitor and control your garage door from wherever… Whenever.

Ever left the house headed to work, got half way there only to feel sick wondering if you left your garage door open? We have… Luckily LiftMaster’s new MyQ technology lets you check the status of your garage door right from your phone.

LiftMaster Nest MyQ


As a Nest compatible product, MyQ provides enhanced control of your Nest Cam and Nest Learning Thermostat from within the MyQ app, presenting a suite of connected home products that give you even more awareness, security, comfort and peace of mind.

Check out the Nest Learning Thermostat
Everyone can remember returning from summer vacation only to walk into a stuffy house full of humidity you could cut with a knife because you forgot to program the air conditioner before you left?

Nest’s Learning Thermostat makes it easy to return to a comfortable home after a long vacation away.

LiftMaster Works with Nest


Already own the Nest Learning Thermostat? That’s great!

LiftMaster garage door technology integrates seamlessly with Nest Learning Thermostat. Using the MyQ app, you can easily set your Nest Learning Thermostat to “Home” and “Away” modes allowing you to make the most energy-efficient decisions for your home.

Set the thermostat to “away” when you’re gone and when you get home, you can simply use the app to set the thermostat to “home” mode.

LiftMaster Nest Camera

LiftMaster and Nest make it easy for home owners to look at old problems with new solutions. Never again worry about if you left your garage door open or thermostat up too high while you’re at work. Get MyQ technology today for priceless peace of mind for your home and garage.

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