According to a recent report by Wakefield Research, 86% of millennials and 65% of baby boomers say they’re willing to pay more for an apartment equipped with automated or remotely controlled devices and 3 in 5 millennials would be more likely to live in a place that offered mobile access control.

What does this mean to you, as an architect? It shows that if you include LiftMaster® Access Control Systems powered by myQ® technology, you’ll provide a value-add solution for your clients that promotes a safe, modern living experience that residents desire. When you give your clients a more innovative product experience, they will be more likely to continue doing business with you in the future. 

Designed with both community managers and residents in mind, LiftMaster Access Control Systems provide customizable applications that help streamline the management of buildings, residents and community access points. Community managers can enhance security and reduce liability with myQ Community. Plus, with app licenses the residents can use the app to visually verify guests and unlock authorized entrances.  These features are significant value-adds that make clients more likely to hire you or recommend you for projects in the future. 

With myQ Community, community managers can:

  • Conveniently manage and control multiple access points across all communities within a portfolio from a single dashboard.  
  • Securely oversee how and when residents and visitors can access each entrance across every community.
  • Use live video streaming and recorded video clips of access events for clear traceability around property damage, vandalism and other common nuisances.

With the myQ Community app, residents can:

  • Safely identify guests through the app’s one-way video calling and two-way voice communication and grant/deny access.
  • Unlock any authorized entrance(s) from their smartphones to let themselves in or open the door for someone else. 
  • Set up guest passes for one-time, multi-day or recurring access, eliminating guest management hassle for property managers. 

myQ Community enables smart features within LiftMaster Access Control Systems designed for any size or type of property. LiftMaster’s powerful combination of innovative myQ technology and reliable hardware provide residential community managers with a scalable cloud-based solution to control multiple entry points and manage several communities from a single dashboard. The systems’ video monitoring capabilities provide enhanced insight/security and helps streamline guest management for residents. Realtime video notifications keeps property managers ahead of issues and allows residents to safely grant access for package deliveries, dog walkers and guests.

LiftMaster Access Control Systems are a smart, value-add for architects so that their community manager clients can unlock the benefits of myQ Community. They also help you establish a reputation as an architect who offers differentiating, innovative services that clients will see to hire again. 

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