The International Door Association (IDA) and Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) recognize May as Garage Door Safety Month. This month LiftMaster, a longtime innovator in technology and consumer safety, is happy to honor the important advancements that have been made to keep homeowners safe. 

As a leading garage door opener manufacturer since the 1950s, LiftMaster has always prioritized safety—first and foremost. Perhaps the company’s biggest contribution to improving safety was when it introduced photo eye safety sensors in 1993. This revolutionary product allowed garage door openers to sense when an object (or person) was obstructing the door. If something or someone was in the way, the door would stop closing, and open back up again. 

The introduction of this product significantly reduced tragic injuries and deaths, and it earned the product a spot in the IEEE Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame. Today, all garage door openers are required to include this crucial piece of technology. Considering that 70 percent of today’s households use the garage as the main entry point to the home, this is a significant accomplishment.

In honor of Garage Door Safety Month, now is an excellent time to test your own safety sensors. The short video below shows you how to know that your safety sensors are functioning properly.