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The LiftMaster® Secure View™ Garage Door Opener is the first opener with a built-in wide-angle camera. 

The Secure View opener is not just a tech geek’s dream, it offers homeowners peace of mind by allowing users to see, hear and know what is happening around the home while they are away. If homeowners are investing in a piece of property, they want to know the garage entryway is secure while they are gone—and they can check up on it anytime, from anywhere using the myQ® app.

What is Secure View? 

Let’s start by breaking down the product. The opener comes with:

  • Built-in camera—users can record 1080p video with a subscription plan or livestream video 24/7 from anywhere. It also features motion detection, night vision and can be manually adjusted 360 degrees.
  • Built-in audio—the microphone (which can be disabled) allows two-way communication from the app with visitors or family in the garage. So, if a neighbor needs help finding a wrench in a toolbox, the owner can guide him to help him find it. Volume is adjustable. 
  • Smartphone control—in addition to being able to view video, the myQ app gives homeowners status updates and alerts about garage door status and allows them to open or close the door from anywhere. 

Do homeowners care about a camera watching over their garage? 

Homeowners not only care about purchasing their dream home, they want to protect it. Consider that 47.5 million Americans use the garage as a primary access point. If they are using that entryway constantly, isn’t it smart to have an extra set of eyes and ears watching over it? 

The Secure View, powered by myQ, allows homeowners to manage traffic in and out of the garage or home. For example, outside of members of the household, these are the most frequent types of guests who access the home:

  • 45%—friend or neighbor
  • 16%—pet sitter
  • 12%—repairman
  • 12%—housecleaner

So, if a homeowner needs to let a repairman or housecleaner into the garage, while they are away, the homeowner can open and close the door for them from the myQ app and see what they are up to with the camera. 

Homeowners can feel secure that their doors are locked

As a separate add-on, homeowners can use Yale | LiftMaster Smart Locks to give guests key-free entry to the home. Now, homeowners don’t have to worry about keeping track of keys or sharing them—everything can be controlled through the myQ app.

Package delivery—directly to the garage!

Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery has revolutionized package delivery. It’s very secure. The Amazon delivery driver is granted a temporary, one-time access to the garage. No keys, no code. In-Garage Delivery keeps packages from going missing or being left in the elements—and it’s a contact-free option that lets homeowners go about their day uninterrupted, knowing their packages are secure. Amazon has already delivered more than 1 million packages to the garage—and that number is growing fast. 

With Secure View, homeowners can not only take advantage of In-Garage Delivery, they can watch the delivery person drop off the package in real time. Plus, customers have the opportunity to enhance garage security with Yale | LiftMaster Smart Locks.

Offer homeowners the most value

The Secure View opener offers homeowners a solution they are already seeking. Help them ensure that their family’s prized possessions and Amazon Prime packages are safe and secure with a reliable garage door opener that is easy to use, built to last and exceptionally powerful. 

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