Get Amazon Prime Packages Delivered Directly to Your Garage

LiftMaster garage door opener brands, powered by myQconnected technology, now allow free in-garage delivery for Amazon Prime members in 50 cities and surrounding areas across the U.S. through the Key by Amazon in-garage delivery solution. The garage gives Prime members a secure, convenient place to receive all of their package deliveries.

Have you had to deal with missing packages? A recent survey found 72 percent of Americans who live in a house or townhome take security measures to avoid having a package stolen. This includes canceling plans, staying home from work to wait for the package or having it delivered to a friend, family member or neighbor’s home. With in-garage delivery, homeowners no longer have to reorganize their lives just to receive a package. Key plus myQ smart garage access gives homeowners control over the package delivery process.

“It’s that sinking feeling, when you know a package is supposed to be on your front porch and you realize it’s not, that is prompting homeowners to demand innovative delivery solutions,” said Jeff Meredith, LiftMaster President and Chief Operating Officer. “The good news is, the connected home is helping provide secure alternative delivery destinations.”

The garage offers a secure space that’s big enough to receive a new video game console and takes weather out of the equation to ensure a new pair of shoes stays dry.

What do you need?

If you have a myQ-enabled LiftMaster garage door, you have the hardware you need. If you do not have a myQ smart-garage door opener, LiftMaster makes it easy to add myQ-connected technology to most brands of garage door openers. For less than what the average stolen package costs, you can purchase a myQ Smart Garage Hub for $79.99 and install it within minutes.

You can purchase a myQ Smart Garage Hub and Cloud Cam (Key Edition) bundle for $198.89. Homeowners in the market for a new garage door opener can purchase a myQ-enabled LiftMaster garage door opener. Amazon offers Key Smart Garage kits to accommodate all options.

Once installed, download the Key by Amazon App and follow the simple steps to link it with your myQ Smart Garage Hub or garage door opener.

How Amazon Key for Garage works

Prime members select “In-garage delivery” at checkout when they shop on Amazon. On delivery day, customers receive four notifications via the Key app during every step of the process, getting notifications when the driver is en route, when the driver arrives for delivery, when the garage door opens and when it closes with their package delivered securely inside.

Security measures are set in place along the entire delivery process, and every delivery driver passes a comprehensive background check. Before a garage door will open, Amazon verifies the driver is at the correct address through an encrypted authentication process. The driver will not move on to their next delivery until the garage door closes. Additionally, homeowners with a Cloud Cam (Key Addition) can also choose to watch their delivery occur in real-time.

“Prime members have already rated Key in-home and in-car delivery 4.7 out of 5 stars,” said Rohit Shrivastava, GM of Key by Amazon. “We are thrilled to be able to offer them in-garage delivery, which we are confident they will find an equally convenient place to have their packages delivered securely.”

“As a self-contained extension of the home, the smart garage offers a safe and convenient option for package delivery,” Meredith added.