Having a tough time deciding what ­to get your favorite people this year? We’re here to help! Here are a few techy gadgets your family is sure to love.


MyQ Smart Garage Hub
Want to add smartphone control to your existing garage door? No problem! MyQ easily adds smartphone control to most garage door openers that have safety photo eyes. Learn more about how to add this feature and which current garage door openers are supported by connecting with one of our dealers here.

MyQ Light Control
Plug in any lamp inside your house to this device and control it with your smartphone or garage door opener remote control.  Requires a LiftMaster Wi-Fi garage door opener, Internet Gateway, or MyQ Garage.

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Portable Phone Charger
In today’s world, our phones and portable devices are more important than ever before. But, how often do we find ourselves battery-less without an outlet nearby? Whether you enjoy outdoor activities or traveling, this is the perfect gift for the family member on the go!

Home Security System
Safety and peace of mind is critical, especially during this time of year, and a home security system can help with just that. These days, you can install one of these systems yourself and link it directly to your smartphone. You can even program some systems to turn on room lights before you walk in!

LiftMaster and Alarm.com have been longtime partners delivering interactive security, video monitoring, home automation and energy management to users. Alarm.com’s Smart Home Security helps you protect and control the entire perimeter of your home – including the garage. Learn more about our partnership here!

USB Outlets
Give the gift of an upgrade that everyone will love! Swap out your current outlets for ones with USB functionality. Your techy guests and kids will thank you later.



MyQ Home Bridge

The MyQ Home Bridge (819LMB) adds smartphone control to your MyQ enabled garage door openers (residential or commercial without built in Wi-Fi), MyQ gate operators and MyQ lighting. Check the status or control your products from anywhere. Never worry again if your garage door or gate is left open. Plus, this product is compatible with Apple HomeKit and Siri Voice Control.

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WiFi-Enabled Thermostat
Your energy-conscious family members will love this as it’s a great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. This gift will allow users to control the room or house temperature right from the palm of their hands.

LiftMaster is a proud partner of Nest, a home automation company that produces a number of WiFi enabled products including the Nest Learning Thermostat. All you have to do is set your status to “home” or “away” on the MyQ app, and your home will automatically start conserving energy. Learn more about how to add this feature to your MyQ mobile app today!

Robotic Vacuum
One of the toughest parts of having pets or kids is keeping up with the dirt or pet hair. A robotic vacuum is the perfect gift for your pet-loving family members. It may even serve as a source of entertainment for furry friends!

What other techy suggestions do you have to make the perfect gift this holiday season?  Comment below or share with us on social media.

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