SSSpring BreakYour flights are booked and bags are packed. Spring Break is finally here! You have planned the perfect trip, but have you prepared your home for vacation?

Before you head out the door for relaxing week on the beach, think about what you can do so you return to a relaxing life at home.

Here are five tips for ensuring an easy return home after vacation.

1. Clean house.
There is nothing worse than coming back from vacation to an untidy home. Before you go make sure the dishes are done, the grass is cut and the trash has been taken out. This will also help keep unwanted bugs out of the house while you’re away.


Preparing Home for Spring Break

2. Hold the mail.
An overflowing mailbox signals that the homeowner is gone which can be a target for a break-in. If you can’t have someone pick up your mail for you, consider having the post office hold your mail for the duration of your vacation.

3. Check the fridge.
Eat any foods that will expire while you’re gone or toss them out so you don’t come back to a moldy refrigerator.

4. Set your electronics into away mode.

a. When you set your Security+ 2.0 garage door opener to away mode, all remotes associated with it will be disabled. You left on vacation, but your neighbor who has an extra remote to your house decided to come in while you’re gone. Setting it in away mode lock out all outside remote control signals for added peace of mind.

b. Set your Nest Thermostat to away mode from your MyQ app. Altogether this will cut down on wasted energy. Also unplug anything that won’t be used while you’re gone.

5. Leave a light on.
Better yet, put a light on a timer. A dark house alerts intruders that you aren’t home; so having a light on while you’re gone keeps up the appearance that someone is home.

Each home has different needs to prepared for a departure, but the one thing you never have to wonder is if your garage door is closed with your MyQ-enabled garage door opener.

Don’t have a LiftMaster MyQ garage door opener? Visit the MyQ Connected Home page to learn more about which MyQ product is right for you.

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