Engineered to reduce breakdowns, the Specialty Overhead Operator has features that ensure the traffic in the garage keeps moving safely no matter what.

What the new HCTDCU Specialty Overhead Operator will give property owners, managers and residents is overall increased satisfaction. Community managers are already impressed by the significant decrease in noise and vibration.

“I can’t say enough about the system,” said Karl Rasmussen, Building Chairman of the Real Life Cooperative. “Residents have expressed loudly how much they enjoy not hearing the opener. It’s quiet and smooth—I expect it will outlive me!”

“It’s smooth and quiet,” said Rick Selin, Board President of the Film Exchange Lofts. “Before we switched, you could watch a glass of water move on the kitchen island above the garage.”

24/7 uptime
A smooth start and stop operation extends the hardware life so there isn’t a worry about needing to replace in the near future.

“24/7 uptime means the world to me,” said Karl Rasmussen. “Not having to go down and babysit a door means I have time to move on to other projects.”

Full occupancy
Its industry-leading quiet design ensures happy residents who live nearest to the garage.

No wait at the gate/door
The gate’s quick opening speeds keep impatient drivers from getting too close to hitting the gate and/or door.

Nonstop access
Its ample Battery Backup power eliminates the need for a service call to open the gate and/or door when the power’s down from storms or surges.

“Battery Backup is a very attractive feature,” said Rick Selin. “It’s nice knowing our doors will continue operating during power outages.”

Corrosion resistant
The premium rail finish provides maximum rust protection which will save on maintenance expenses.

Contact a Dealer and order the HCTDCU Specialty Overhead Operator Today!

Add these convenient accessories that expand control and safety.

Entry Management
Entry management allows residents to easily provide access to their guests with the IPAC and FREE cloud-based software or with theEL2000SS Telephone Entry System.

Traffic Control
Traffic control incorporates a Red/Green Traffic Light to signal vehicles that the entrance is clear to pass.

Effortless Exits
Effortless exits automatically opens the exit for tenants leaving the property by adding a Loop Detector.

Optimized Safety
Optimized safety protects tenants and reduces liability with Photo Eyes and Edges that monitor the pathway for obstructions.

Contact a Dealer and order the HCTDCU Specialty Overhead Operator Today! 

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