Throughout the year, we are welcoming celebrity bloggers to talk to you about stories in their lives and in their home. Today we are excited to welcome back HGTV Smart Home 2016 designer and host Tiffany Brooks.

So as a working mom and a wife and a business owner, my days are super stressful. Sometimes they go into like 8 o’clock, you know, and these are into the night time hours.

So that drive home, you’re thinking about a million different things at once: “what’s for dinner,” “did I handle the client phone call correctly,” “did I do this,” “oh my God did I forget to do that.”

And then going through your neighborhood, you’re slowly kind of starting to finally be able to wind down, and then you get to your house. You see your garage. You hit that button. You’re 20 feet away, 10 feet away, five feet away, and then you’re pulling in. And once your car goes into your garage, it is that moment of the day when you realize all the stress from behind me of the world, of my job, of everything is finally over, and my cocktail is like five minutes away from me being able to drink it.

In the garage I have that feeling of I’m finally by myself. I finally have that me time to just digress and just to let it all out. This is the time before I get to my husband, who has all these demands and my son, who needs to be fed, and the dog that needs to be taken out. Dishes that need to be washed. I have that moment in the garage by myself. No emails, no phone calls, no demands. It is just me finally at rest and at peace.

What stories and conversations do have with your family in the garage? Comment below and share on social!

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