From the first line of Model T cars in the 1920s to today’s electric cars that have their own parking spaces that are half the size of the rest, what other every day technologies and gadgets have shrunk over the years?



In 1901, the first camera was created that had the capability of taking snapshots while being small enough for people to carry around with them. As a result of its popularity, affordability and small size, the Brownie was the preferred camera that families could take with them on vacations and special occasions to create memories that would last a lifetime.

Today, the most popular camera is found in your phone. Portable cameras that can be strapped on to anything like a helmet are smaller than the size of your hand. With the use of just three fingers, you can take superior snapshots quickly and easier than ever.


From the first telephone call on the liquid transmitter by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, to the first rotary phone just before the 1920s, to the first cellphone in the 1970s, the evolution of the telephone is arguably as vast as the evolution of mankind.

Today, smart and mobile phones are held comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The changes to televisions in the past 15 years have been immense enough, there’s no need to think back to when televisions had a rotary dial with 15 channels (although it is fun to think about the simplicity of channels and programs to choose from 40 years ago).

Fifteen years ago, big screen TVs could weigh an upwards of 750 pounds.

Today, the average weight of a 60” flat screen television is 70 pounds.

Soon enough, televisions will weigh less than 5 pounds and can peel on and off the wall.



Did you know that the first computer filled an entire room? The first modern portable computer weighed 55 pounds. Today, with the exception of smart phones, laptops and tablets can weigh less than 3 pounds.
Garage RemoteMay-Shrunk-Garage-Remote-(1).png

Portable garage door opener remotes were first developed by engineer Richard Goldstein and sold in the 1950s. From then up through today, there have been many variations in design and size for the wireless remotes.

These remote garage door openers fit perfectly on the bill of your car shade. Or you have your keypad on the side of your garage. Now there’s the Mini Universal Remote Control, half the size of your standard remote that fits perfectly on your car keys or by itself for a quick and easy enter and exit from the garage.

Pick up your Mini Universal Remote Control today.

What other daily technologies or gadgets have shrunk over the years? Comment below and share on social.

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