“It seems like I have been a part of it almost all of my life,” said Donny, of AAA Crosstown Garage Door Service. Although, he currently focuses on garage door openers and doors, his start in the industry began when he was just a kid. Donny’s father owned a patio garage builder business, focusing on building garages. It was Donny’s job to not only assist on builds but also to go door to door passing out flyers. As time went on and the garage building industry changed, they made the decision to transition into focusing on doors and openers.

Donny was drafted in the Army from 1971-1973. After his return, he continued to work with his father which lead to the 1974 opening of a shop, now called AAA Crosstown Garage Door Service. “We run a small operation, but we have a big name,” said Donny. AAA currently operates with a team of three and services the Chicagoland area. A strong work ethic, instilled by his father gave Donny the tools to grow a large list of clients.

Not only does the team install openers, but they’ve branched out into rolling curtains and also do repairs. They’ve moved away from roof repairs but are fully equipped to level, align and fix garage walls which is a unique offering to their business. No other dealer in the area is able to do so. Installing openers and fixing walls is tough work, but the team also has a soft side. They value the relationships that they have with their clients and like to go out of their way to do little things to make their clients day.

For example, Donny gives out roses every year on Sweetest Day. In the summer, he likes to give his clients a tomato plant for their garden. The generosity doesn’t stop there, during the holiday season, AAA collects food and donations for local parishes to help those in their community. “It doesn’t bring me more business but that’s not why we do it,” said Donny. “Some people have so much to give and some people have none and you have to take care of people.

When Donny isn’t on a call or going out of his way for his clients, he’s most likely at band practice. He currently participates in three different musics groups; MusiChoral, Legacy and Mike Valentine and the Heartbeats. His passion for music and instruments started when he was young and has continued over the last 57 years.

As for the future, Donny and the AAA team are content and enjoy what they do and the clients they work with. “I’m pretty happy right now and I have evertything I need,” said Donny.
Thank you AAA Crosstown Garage Door Service for sharing your story with us!



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