You’ve heard the saying, “Peace of mind is priceless…”

We know firsthand that homeowners want technology that enables their most prized possessions to be connected to the most convenient and safe home security and automation tools available. MyQ

LiftMaster is committed to providing cutting edge products that make life easier and safer for our customers. That’s why Popular Mechanics named our new LiftMaster 8550W one the International Builders Show’s Best Products for 2016. Our innovative garage door opener features WiFi connectivity so you can communicate directly with the opener, creating a more stable and secure system. You can also receive notifications on opens and closes and control both functions remotely from any Internet enabled device.

And that’s not all…

Our garage door openers connect with some of the nation’s leaders on home security like

LiftMaster Partnership delivers interactive security, video monitoring, home automation and energy management to users.’s Smart Home Security helps you protect and control the entire perimeter of your home – including the garage.

From protecting your car and guarding your tools, to securing a common but easily overlooked entry point to your home, a Smart Home Security system powered by gives you added peace of mind.

The system connects a wide range of devices for a seamless connected home experience and complete control through a single mobile app.

Ever left home and wondered if you left your garage door open? A connected LiftMaster garage door powered by and MyQ technology helps eliminate that uncomfortable issue. Garage App
LiftMaster’s MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller and the MyQ Internet Gateway are both integrated into’s connected home technology.

Subscribers to can also use the innovative “rules engine” in’s interface to automatically close the garage door when the security system is armed and receive instant notification if the garage door is left open too long.

Ready to take your peace of mind to the next level? Get connected. Start by talking to your local LiftMaster dealer today.

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