Foot traffic is the presence of customers in and around your business storefront.

While business from foot traffic alone may not be linked to direct sales, having your business ready to showcase your services and answer questions will create a great tactic for long-term business. You want to be there for your neighborhood as THE option for them when the need for your service arises.

You want the answer to, “who do you call when…” to be a swift answer with your business.

Here are some suggestions on ways to increase foot traffic to your business.


Putting up signage that really stands out is the bread and butter to increasing foot traffic. When creating signage, you want customers to be able to do three things: see, read and move.

See: Make your sign stand out enough considering placement and colors.

Read: Make sure your sign is large and legible enough to read in a manner of seconds. Use only a few words and standard easy-to-read fonts.

Move: You want potential customers to takeaway that your business is the place to go when they need you.


You can generate a good deal of foot traffic by educating customers about topics related to your business that affect customer choices as well as how they can get more out of what they are buying. You can host a forum on topics such as:

Safety and security in your garage
What to consider when purchasing new garage equipment
How to monitor and control your home anywhere, anytime


Staying top of mind with new and existing customers who you’ve engaged through your new efforts is not just about offering great products and services. It’s also about staying in touch.

If you host an event that brings in new customers, encourage them to sign up for your emails.

Incentives such as a discount or giveaway in exchange for an email address is always effective. Then stay in touch, set-up an e-newsletter program, send out regular updates about new product lines, company news and events, and of course, engage with your customers on social media.

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