You know that three out of four existing gate systems lack the latest safety features.

With more than 300,000 homeowner’s associations and more than 60 percent home ownership rate in the United States, you know the market for potential gate operator owners is large.

But how do you connect with potential gate operator owners? You know that from gated communities to businesses, airports to apartment buildings, LiftMaster Gate Operators have powerful features like Battery Backup that powers up longer over time and Security +2.0® remote controls with interference eliminating technology that ensures and quick and safe access to a customer’s property.

Get in front of the customer, be the expert in their lives and provide the solution or solutions they are looking for when the time comes.

Here are some initial strategies and tactics to implement in thinking of new ways to make a connection to potential owners of gate operators or owners who need a replacement.


Understand LiftMaster’s solutions
LiftMaster has configured and designed solutions to the specific of the following workplaces: gated communities and apartment complexes, commercial and industrial applications, maximum security locations and parking and traffic management.

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Research homeowner’s associations in your market
How many homeowner’s associations are in your town, city, county and surrounding counties? Do your research and look up, contact and make a running list of homeowner’s associations, including name, location and contact information. Know who you want to talk to, learn about their environment, needs, challenges and create a profile.

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Target customers on Facebook and Twitter

Do you know you can deliver ads to your target audience on social media? Using a simple process on Facebook and Twitter, you can target home owners, HOAs and other potential gate operator owners to visit your page or website in the form of a discount, a limited time offer or other stimulating content.

Ask for referrals
Referrals can prove to be a crucial source of growth in your business. After you have provided service to install a gate operator, when you conduct your normal service follow up, allow an opportunity for the customer to refer you to another homeowner, HOA, business, etc. who may potentially need future services. You can make this a regular habitual tactic.

What suggestions do you have to connect with potential customers? Comment below!

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