Throughout the year, we are welcoming celebrity bloggers to talk to you about stories in their lives and in their home. Today we are excited to welcome back HGTV Smart Home 2016 technology consultant and host Carley Knobloch.

The chance to have a meaningful conversation with my kids can happen in the most unlikely of moments, so I never want to miss an opportunity when it happens.
Lately I’m finding that those conversations are happening more and more the garage, and they’re very very different depending on which kid I am talking to.

My younger one is an adventure seeker, a daredevil and very athletic so its all about trying to keep up with her and all of her sportiness. We’re often in the garage, we’re strapping on helmets, knee pads and elbow pads, and we’re talking about safety. We’re talking about being street smart, and we’re talking about having fun but doing it in a safe way.

With my older one, its hard to pry him out of the house. So when I get him out, we’re usually getting ready to go for a bike ride, and that’s a great way for me to have a focused conversation with him where he’s not distracted by screens, and we can really talk about life and about school and how it is for him to be growing up.

So depending on the kid we’re having all of these really great conversations, and I’m finding that the garage is where it’s all happening.

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