This blog entry focuses on the experience of Kenny Pride, a longtime LiftMaster Dealer. Kenny found the perfect operator for his customer’s heavy gate with the new LiftMaster HDSW24UL. 

A New Choice For Heavy-Duty Gate Operators 

Last year, Kenny Pride of Automation Pride was contacted to replace a 20-year-old swing gate operator for a 450-home gated community in Indio, California. When Kenny evaluated the situation, it became clear that the 1,200-pound swing gate (located in a high wind environment) required a stronger operator than any of the LiftMaster operators he typically liked to install. As one of the leading local gate and garage door service companies, over the years Kenny has developed long lasting relationships with his customers and takes pride in the fact they trust him to install a solution that’s safe and reliable, which 90% of the time is a LiftMaster brand operator. Responding to a need identified in the market, LiftMaster launched a new line of heavy-duty gate operators that was perfect for the job Kenny was working on.  

More than Enough Muscle

LiftMaster’s new HDSW24UL commercial swing gate operator could handle gates up to 2,800 pounds, more than enough muscle to move the 1,200-pound gate. Best of all, unlike other heavy-duty gate operators he had experience with, the HDSW24UL came with variable speed controls (from 13-36 seconds) that would allow his customer to set the speed of the gate and a slow-start and slow-stop functionality, which would reduce wear and tear on the gate hardware. Kenny knew that the manager of the community would be able to rely on the HDSW24UL for 24/7 uptime, secure access and operator longevity.

HDSW24UL Benefits 

There were a few attributes in particular that sold Kenny on the operator.

Handles heavy gates

The HDSW24UL moves gates up to 22 feet in length or up to 2,800 pounds (4,500 pounds with the optional customer reinforced long arm HDLGARM).  

Long life

The operator is engineered for up to 6 million cycles and continuous duty applications. It features a direct drive high efficiency powertrain, with a slow-start and slow-stop function to reduce wear and tear.

Variable speed control

This setting allows users to customize the speed of the gate from 13-36 seconds for a 90-degree opening (independently in dual gate applications). 

Know more about your gate

It remotely connects with the myQ® Community Control platform for real-time alerts and data on gate status.

“I was excited to learn LiftMaster had expanded its gate operator offering to include heavy-duty, high-cycle operators,” said Kenny Pride. “The reliability of LiftMaster’s products, along with their superior tech support makes them my go-to for operators. Now that I can turn to LiftMaster for all my gate operator needs I’m thrilled.”