When you think about the scariest rooms in your house, you most likely think about your attic, the basement, the crawl space or the closet underneath the staircase.

But we are here to share horror stories in the room you would least expect…the garage.

Horror story #1: Unorganized Chaos
Perhaps the most common garage horror story: unorganized garages. These garages take the pie in being some of the most unorganized garages around. How many times have you gone into that infamous area searching for something? After searching for something for a while and not being able to find it, how   frustrated do you get!

Don’t let these garages happen to you.

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Horror story #2: When the Garage Door Sneaks Up on You
These stories can seem like a myth, but we’re here to show you they are very real. Whether it is daytime or nighttime, on a sunny or stormy day, sometimes the garage door will stand quiet and sneak up on you when you least expect it.

These cars fell victim to a sneaky garage door.

Horror story #3: The Scariest Electrical Job Ever
WATCH one of what has been deemed the scariest electrical solution ever. Warning: this video may not be suitable for DIYers, people with a heart condition for quick fix solutions or firefighters.

Horror story #4: Monsters in the Garage
Sometimes you may hear something out in the garage. Is it a burglar? Is it your teenager trying to take the car out for a late ride?

Nope, it’s a beast. The following are scary monsters who have found their way into the garage to haunt you and your family.

LiftMaster takes safety very seriously! Check out our safety check list video below to ensure that your garage is safe for children, adults, and even critters.

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