While the summer months make the great opportunity to spend your time outside, a lot of that time is focused on working your house, yard, garage and garden.

Working on what means most to you is a great way to spend your time, but you also want time to relax and enjoy your time with friends and family. If you upgrade a few of your basic summer tools, you will buy more time and work more efficiently. Here are our recommendations on summer tools you should upgrade for the summer.

Rain barrel

Rain barrels are great ways to conserve water and have another source to water your plants. It is certainly an upgrade from your go-to water valve.


Flexible grip garden gloves

You probably have a few pairs of garden gloves, but sometimes the dirt seems to find the right places to make their way inside and dirty up your sweaty hands. Look for flexible grip gloves inside so they mold right to your hands and keep the dirt out.

Concrete crack weeder

It can seem impossible to get rid of those annoying weeds that grow through the cracks of your driveway or side walks. You have tried pulling them out manually, used other tools like screwdrivers and have sprayed them with weed killer, but nothing seems to work just right.

The tool you need is a concrete crack weeder, which will remove the weeds, roots and all.

Non-stick shovel

The shovel is practically fool proof. It always gets the job done. But most of the time, some of the job is left remaining on the shovel. Step up your shovel game with a non-stick shovel so that you don’t have to double the work anymore by having to scrape off leftover soil.

Cordless power tools

Upgrade your power tools and lose what you don’t need: the power cord. Free yourself of the leash and go cordless with the following summer power tools:

·      Hedge trimmers
·      Weed whackers
·      Leaf blower
·      Drills


Grilling tools

Summertime is grilling season, but before you clean off the grill, you should think about tossing out your grill brushes or tools and upgrade.

Whether your whacking or pulling weeds, watering plants or building a new deck, you have to have the right tool. The right tools make a huge difference in freeing up your time and giving you peace of mind.
Do you have any more suggestions for upgrading the tools in your garage? Comment below with your suggestions and share on social!

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