Do you know the feeling when you’ve found the perfect solution to your problems?

Your garage, your space of choice to store items and work. There is one spot in your garage, which is normally wasted space, that we recommend be the solution to all your storage problems…the ceiling.

We’ve compiled our favorite inspirations from Pinterest on the most creative ways to maximize your garage ceiling space for the best and easiest organization.

DIY Ceiling Shelves

You know the space above your car and above your garage door? This is premium space to take advantage for organizing your storage.

Tubular Storage or Lattice Rack

When you have items such as fishing poles that take up a lot of space, require separation from items around them, and are long and skinny, you can utilize storage through large tubes or other creative separators that can hang from the ceiling. This storage would be easy to access yet away from the floor for optimization of space.


Sliding Storage

Garage ceiling storage with sliding bins is a simple and fast DIY project, and a great way to save floor space for long term storage needs.

Pivot Drawers

When you use pivot drawers on your ceiling, you have easy access to its contents but can store things away without having to see all your out of season items and things you only need every now and then.

Hanging Hooks

Use hanging hooks to hang bikes from the ceiling; easily accessible through the summer months while saving space for long storage use throughout the winter.

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Ceiling Garage Door Opener

Clear off the spaces on your garage walls, and upgrade your garage door opener to the space-saving wall mount garage door opener – LiftMaster Model 8500. This sleek, compact wall-mount opener fits most doors and does not require a ceiling-mount rail and trolley.
Do you have any more suggestions for maximizing the ceiling in your garage for storage? Comment below with your suggestions and share on social!

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