When you open up the door to your garage, is your initial thought one of the following?

a. Wow, I love how welcoming this garage is!

b. Wow, welcome back to the dark dungeon.

c. It’s so dark in here; I hope I don’t run into anything.

d. At least the bats can see in here.

If you answered b, c or d, we have compiled a few ways that you can freshen up your garage and brighten things up!
Reflective paint the garage floor

One way to brighten up your garage that you probably didn’t think of is to paint your garage floor with a bright and reflective paint. This will reflect the natural and electric lights, adding that extra punch of brightness that will make a big difference.

If you can clean a floor and know how to use a paintbrush and roller, then you have all the experience necessary to get the job done.

Paint bright colors on the wall

While you’re at it, a little more paint will go a long way. Choose a bright color to paint the walls of the garage. Have some extra fun with it, and choose a bright color other than just white.

Install new lighting

Brilliant solution, right? While this may seem like an obvious route to go, it can make a huge impact. Look at your current lighting situation in your garage and determine where new lighting can be installed.
After you install your new lighting, purchase the LiftMaster Remote Light Control to control your lighting with your smartphone or garage door opener remote control.

Install windows

On top of new lighting in the garage, you can always bring in natural light and install a new set of windows.
In what other ways can you brighten up your garage? Comment below with your tips and share on social!

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