Throughout the year, LiftMaster’s Built In My Garage blog is welcoming guests and celebrity bloggers to share stories with you about their lives and homes. Today we are proud to feature the men of Federal Moto US, Mike and Peter Muller.

I take the blame for sparking interest, but Mike’s the true one at fault for buying the first bike. We were on the edge and he was the one to push us over the edge. He bought that first bike that we were not allowed to have.

This is where we build our motorcycles. We do all of our work from tear down to the final build.

It’s taking a production motorcycle that anyone would buy whether it was in the 60s or the 70s or even today, completely rip them down, rebuild them removing all the extraneous parts. That’s kind of the heart of what we’re doing.

I wanted to find out more and experience more about this motorcycle culture, and that’s where the pulling of the trigger became a reality of our own motorcycle and starting this path that we’ve gone so far down. We started off in our parent’s garage just tinkering around and just learning about everything we could about the motorcycle. Shortly thereafter Peter bought another bike, and that became the first build.

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We tore that thing down. We’re learning and breaking things and somehow managed to get that first bike together which got so much attention that kind of catapulted us into where we are at.

We started off doing it for fun, and we were fortunate enough to have one of our bikes kind of take-off. It led us to where we are now.

The business is growing so much more than I think we ever expected. We never expected to be in business, period.

Working together has been a learning experience and getting to know each other again. Peter and I had a big gap in our relationship. I was away at school and he was overseas in Iraq, so we were in totally opposite, complete polar opposite spectrums of the world.

So we were just at that stage when I think other brothers would start to become friends again when that childhood sibling rivalry days, and I was immediately whisked away with the military. I was gone for pretty much 13 years, so we didn’t have a relationship. We didn’t know each other as adults at all. This funny thing that we both got into motorcycles, and we had to kind of get to know each other again after being separated for so long.

Being in a small hot garage is the best way to get to know someone.


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