When you’re always on the go and your dog has to go, there isn’t time to be unprepared.

While you could have a full backpack of just-in-case items, you could also keep things comfortable and convenient with these five must-haves for your daily dog walks…

The right pair of shoes

It is important to get the right pair of walking or running shoes, a good shoe that is gentle on your feet when walking your dog 3-4 times a day. By owning the right pair of shoes, you’ll save time later when you don’t have to wait for your sore feet to recover.

The next time you go shopping for the right exercise shoes, keep the following in mind:

·      Try on shoes while wearing the same socks you plan to wear when walking or running.
·      Try to buy your running shoes as late in the day as possible. Studies have shown feet tend to expand up to 2 centimeters by the end of the day.
·      To allow for the swelling of your feet as you go for long walks or a run, make sure there is a finger-width space between your great toe and the shoe box.

Hands-free leash

The right length and kind of leash can make your walking or running more enjoyable. Keep your hands free with a hands-free leash that you can sling over your shoulder or wear around your waist.

Bags and holder

Now that you don’t have to worry about keeping your hands free, you can focus on one of the main goals of your walk…letting your dog do its business.

Having waste bags and a waste-bag holder ready to grab will make your walk functional and beneficial for the both of you.

Bonus: Pick up biodegradable waste bags to be eco-friendly while picking up after your dog.

Hand sanitizer

Chances are your dog will go to the bathroom a few times during your walk, which means you are picking up after them several times a day.

Pick up some hand sanitizer that you can hook onto the leash or your car keys so you can conveniently keep your hands clean despite the dirty work that comes with every walk.



Of course you never want to leave the house without your keys. But with your hands full with the dog on the leash, it’s not always easy to close the door and turn the keys to ensure it’s locked.

When you’re on the go, and when your dog needs to go, equip yourself with the LiftMaster Mini Universal Remote Control. With just a simple and convenient push of a button, you can securely leave and enter your garage when the time is now to get up and go.

Pick up your Mini Universal Remote Control here.

What other must-haves do you suggest to keep your daily dog walks comfortable and convenient? Comment below and share on social.

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