As the market leader in garage, commercial, gate openers, and access control systems, LiftMaster strives to always bring not only quality products but also to make sure that the experience when purchasing these products is just as valuable.

According to Margaret Molloy’s article based on brands that rank high on the simplicity index, (a study that researches and determines the value of simplicity from different brands.)

“Creating simple brand experiences is not an overnight exercise; it requires an enduring commitment to simplicity.” LiftMaster knows that accomplishing a simple and effective website is no small feat, their first changes focus on the color scheme and visuals; However LiftMaster has made a long-term comittment to continously improve the website. The list below, shows some of the changes that have been made.

·  Prominent locate a dealer button
·  Improved user experience across all screen sizes and devices
·  A more modern look, aligned with the latest in design principles
·  Streamlined navigation with additional emphasis put on dealers, architects
·  Expanded and redesigned social media footer with addition of Houzz and theLiftMaster Blog link.

The LiftMaster.Com revamp will provide you with an easier way to browse and locate important functions by making sure that the right items stand out. LiftMaster understands that your time is valuable and wants ensure that your experience is as seamless as possible.

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