The first-time mom has plenty on her plate. You are preparing for the new arrival with a nursery, staying productive and comfortable while preparing for the transition for life as a mother.

On top of all of this is sorting through a countless number of potential baby products for the new arrival. While there are plenty of differences between wants and needs with these products, we have a few suggestions of items you’ll want for comfort and convenience.

Baby Carrier
When your little one arrives, perhaps the best place they will sleep is up next to you. And a study by Pediatrics Journal showed that wearing your baby for 3 hours a day reduces infant crying by 43 percent!

Keep your hands free and available so you can type with both hands, cook dinner and do your makeup while your child sleeps comfortably with an easy on and off baby carrier.


Baby Thermometer
Most children will get sick sometime during their first year, and the sad thing is that they have no way of telling us they don’t feel well. One of the best ways to tell if your baby is sick is by using a good, accurate thermometer. There are many different kinds of thermometers that make getting your little one’s easy including an ear or temporal thermometer.

Reminder Timers
Baby care timers let you set reminders for diaper changing, feeding and sleeping.

Cordless Video Monitor
A cordless video monitor gives you the flexibility to move around the house, the peace of mind to watch and hear you baby when they are in their nursery, and many allow you to watch through an app on your smartphone.


Mini Universal Remote Control
When getting in and out of the house with your new baby, it can be a challenge fumbling with keys and the lock. The Universal Mini Remote Control keeps your hands free with just the click of a button when you and your baby are on the go in and out of the garage.

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Do you have any more suggestions for convenience devices for new moms? Comment below and share on social!

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